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Movie Downloads : Movies Capital

Movie Downloads : Movies Capital

Q:Is this Service Legal?
Yes, the service offered by MoviesCapital.com is 100% Legal. MoviesCapital.com has license to distribute movie titles online, both for direct downloading and online streaming methods.

Q:How Many Movies Can I Download?
A: If you choose the "Unlimited" pack, you can download as many Movies as you want! Each of the other packs has its' limits, but they all allow you to download a lot of movies. We recommend the unlimited pack as best-value. You will gain access to download Full DVD Quality Movies Directly from out servers.

Q:Is this a P2P filesharing program or a direct download?
A:No, this is not a p2p and/or filesharing program! MoviesCapital.com provides Direct downloads to its' members, all downloads are directly from our servers and there's no need for any "downloading software".

Q: Is MoviesCapital.com a subscription service?
A: MoviesCapital.com memberships are a one time non-recurring payment , we do not have any monthly billing charges, the only payment you will ever make is for your initial account setup when registering as one of our many valued members.

Q: Do you have any hidden fees inside the members area or any other kind of recurring fee i may not be aware of?
A: Absolutely not!. Our only fee is a one time non-recurring payment for your membership , we do not charge anything else other then the initial payment fee paid for your membership.

Q: How long do i get to keep the movies i have downloaded?
A: There is no time limit on the movies you have downloaded, you may keep these movies for as long as you like even burn them to CD/DVD
and create a big collection of your downloaded movies.

Q: I have a monthly download limit for our broadband internet.Can you please
advise, on average,how many KB/MB/GB downloading a movie would use?

A: The movies come as AVI files , the sizes of the movies vary from 600MB - 1.2 GB(1200MB)  depending on the length of the movie.

Q: Can i burn the movies i download to CD/DVD so i can watch on other devices except my PC?
A: Yes, you can burn to CD/DVD any movie you have downloaded from our website so you can watch it in any method you see fit and also expand your own movie archive.

Q: Do the movies have any kind of protection against burning them to CD/DVD such as Digital Rights Management(DRM)
A: There is no DRM protection on our movies or any other protection, on the contrary we encourage you to burn the movies you download to CD/DVD so you can enjoy them on your standalone DVD player.

Q:What kind of movies can I download?
A:You can download Movies of any genre, including action, horror, comedy romance, suspense, cartoons and much more. As a member of MoviesCapital you will also gain access to download directly from our servers, full DVD releases.

Q:How much time does it take downloading a single movie?
A:Downloading a movie usually takes anywhere between 40 – 90 minutes (depending on your connection). Watching online streams of the movie allows you to watch the movie while it is being downloaded and by that, save time.

Q: When i download movies in which format will i be getting them?
A: All the downloadable movies at MoviesCapital.com are in AVI format , streaming movies are streamed as WMV which means they will open in your media player inside your browser.

Q:I’m new to downloading movies, will it be difficult?
A:No, we are sure you will find it very easy - you simply click on the movie title you wish, or search for it in the search field and click on the "download now" button to download the movie, or click on the "play movie" to watch the movie online.

Q:How much time will I have to wait until I gain access to the MoviesCapital.com members-area after I pay?
A:Once paid you will get INSTANT access to the members area, upon completion of your payment you will be sent to our account creation page where you will create your user account at MoviesCaptial.com and be able to log into to the members area immediately . If for any reason you have failed to create your account after you finished payment please send us an email right away to moviescapital@yahoo.com with your receipt id and we will create an account for you.

Q:Is my registration secure and confidential?
A:Yes, your registration is 100% safe and secured.

Q:How do I become a member of MoviesCapital?
In order to become a member of MoviesCapital.com all you have to do is click on the “Sign up” in the header menu, then choose the kind of membership you want to create, pay via paypal and that's all there is to it.

Q:I have a Mac, will that cripple me in any way?

A:There are no problems using Mac computers with our service.

Q:What kind of support can I expect as a MoviesCapital.com Member?
A:Our support works 24/7 using email support, soon enough we will have phone support as well. Our support team is very experienced and has great response time.

Q:I Am Having Technical Issues Watching The Movies, What Can I Do?
A:We have an active support team working 24/7 to solve members technical issues, Just send your query to our support team and they will help you solve your problem. All movies have been tested for both Stream/Download and are 100% working, that being the case all problems our customers might have are solvable and by no means technical issues are a reason to ask for canceling an existing account.

Q:I live outside the US can I still use your service?
A:Yes, our service is offered to anyone in the world, not only to us citizens - all of our movies have international distribution license, meaning anyone from anywhere can download and watch them using the service, legally.

For more information about Movies Capital go to Click Here!

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